A Joint Stock Company (privately held corporation) is a type of corporation whose shares are not traded on the stock exchange but are easily traded by the public. When forming such a company, all of its capital must be deposited with the bank at the time of its establishment and part of the capital is deposited with the bank.

In joint stock companies, such as a limited liability company, each shareholder is liable for the limited debt of the company invested in the company and, if inadequate, is not required to consume personal property.

In Iran, the difference between a limited liability company and a limited liability company is that the company can be formed with at least three shareholders and the shares can be transferred without having to be registered in a notary.

Needed documents for foreign natural nationals requesting to register the company in Iran:

* Copy of passport notarized & legalized by Iranian consulate in the relevant country.

*Notarized & Legalized Power of Attorney.