Trademark Renewal in Iran / Renewal trademark in Iran

Subject to paragraph 40 of the Act, a trademark owner in Iran may, at a prescribed fee, apply for a renewal of a trademark registration validity for consecutive ten-year periods. An application for renewal of registration shall be made within one year before the expiration of the term of validity of the mark in each period.

Note – Failure to renew the registration within the aforementioned deadline, may be requested within six months of the expiry of the registration of the mark, with a delay penalty of half the mark registration fee, and the mark registration shall be void.

A trademark renewal request in Iran should include:

* the number and date of registration of the declaration and the mark requested to be renewed;

* the category or classes of goods or services whose mark is registered to identify them;

* The name and full address of the registered trademark owner or his legal representative, if requested by the agent.

Note 1 – Request for renewal of registration is accepted when the renewal fee has been paid.

Note 2- At the time of renewal of registration, the registration authority shall be obliged to correct the category of goods and services in accordance with the most recent revision of the International Classification of Marks in the Registry and the Certificate of Renewal of the trademark accordingly. The cost of changing the classes will be borne by the owner of the mark as a result of the new revision of the International Classification.

Note 3- The trademark owner in Iran may, upon request for an extension, submit a separate request for reduction of the category or goods or services for which the mark is registered, without paying the registration fee of the change.

Note 4- In case of change of classes or commodities, the contents of this article shall be advertised in the newsletter at the expense of the owner of the mark with the necessary changes.

Needed documents:

* Power of attorney legalized by the Iranian Consulate with official Persian translation.
* Certified copy of the company registration certificate with official Persian translation.
* Copy of the registration certificate.