Renew your trademark registration
You can renew IRAN registered trademarks every ten years. You must apply for renewal on time or your trademark registration may expire.
When do IRAN registered trademarks expire?
Registration will expire ten years from the date of your trade mark application. You can renew your trademark:
in the one year before your registration expiry date up to six months after your registration expires – this is known as ‘late renewal’

Trademark renewal fees in IRAN
You will have to pay a renewal fee of $450 for one class of goods or services your trade mark is in. It will cost an additional $100 for each extra class. Late renewals will incur an extra $150 fee.
If you fail to renew your trade mark in time, The Intellectual Property Office (IPO) will remove it from the register.
Required documents to renew Trademark:
A) Power of Attorney notarized & legalized by the Iranian Consulate along with official Persian translation. (Translation is done in Iran)
B) Certified copy of company registration certificate along with Persian translation. (Translation is done in Iran). In case of individual owner, a copy of passport of the applicant is needed.
C) Photocopy of the trademark registration certificate.