Dr. Masoud Hosseini & Associates

Our law office specializes in Intellectual property rights in Iran. The legal affairs of Trademarks, Patent, Industrial Designs and Geographical Indications are considered to be the services of this office. our law firm helps companies, organizations and individuals across all sectors of business to understand, create, protect and defend the commercial value of their innovations anywhere in the world through intellectual property rights.

We provide the following legal services with natural and legal persons and legal offices:

* Trademark legal affairs
* Patents Legal affairs
* Industrial Design Legal affairs
* Geographical indications Legal affairs
* Legal affairs of companies
* Property legal affairs

Why cooperation with our law office is appropriate?

* Having experienced and knowledgeable lawyers and experts.
* Expertise, speed in doing legal affairs and work commitment.
* Very reasonable prices for doing legal affairs
* No hidden costs
* Continuous follow-up of works
* Free legal advice
* Free search
* Payment after doing the work

Contact us:

Email: info@drhoseiniiplaw.com

Email: hoseinymasoud@gmail.com


Whats app: +989123856694

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