Trademark License in Iran

A trademark owner in Iran may grant permission to use his registered trademark in any other legal form.

The operating license should also explicitly state whether the permit is granted exclusively or not, and whether the current licensee is entitled to grant further permits. If the license is not exclusive or non-exclusive of the mark, any license granted shall be deemed non-exclusive.

The trademark registration application must be filed by the trademark owner in Iran stating the following:

* Name and address and nationality of the permit holder and his legal representative, if any;

* Expression of the goods or services to which they have been granted authorization, if permitted only in respect of part of the goods or services.

The following documents must be enclosed with the application for an operating license:

* Legal evidence that the lease has been signed by the lessor and the licensee;

* Last valid Certificate of Origin Certificate 1

* Legal representation documents, if any;

* Payment receipt.

Note 1- The registration authority shall, upon request, issue an advertisement subject to Article 146 of this Code, upon request, shall issue an operating license certificate to the recipient.

Note 2- The termination or expiration of the license for exploitation, if it is in the context of the contract and in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, shall be registered in accordance with the provisions of this article, with the necessary changes.

Needed documents:

* License agreement document legalized by the Iranian Consulate with official Persian translation.
* Power of attorney on behalf of the licensee legalized by the Iranian Consulate.