The Iranian laws provide no protection to unregistered trademarks. Trademark protection is obtained from filing to registration. There is no trademark protection for alcoholic beverages, Pictures of women and words which can be considered immoral are not register able as trademarks. Foreign words must be translated in order to be examined for their moral integrity.

The rights arising from the registration of a trademark in Iran are as follows:

A) The use of any trademark registered in Iran by any person other than the owner of the trademark is subject to the consent of its owner.

B) The proprietor of a registered trademark in Iran may institute legal proceedings against any person who uses the trademark without his consent or who commits an act that would normally lead to a violation of the trademark rights. These rights include the use of a trademark that is similar to a registered trademark, and its use for a similar product or service may mislead the public.

C) The rights resulting from the registration of a trademark shall not include measures relating to goods and services supplied by the trademark owner or with his consent to the country and marketed in Iran.

D) The validity of the registration of the mark shall be ten years from the date of submission of the registration application. This period may be renewable upon request by its owner for consecutive ten-year periods at a prescribed fee. A six-month grace period beginning at the end of the period is considered to pay for the renewal fee, with a late payment of a fine.

A separate application must be used to register each trademark in Iran. It is forbidden to use a declaration to register a mark for goods or services in one or more categories.

A Power of Attorney signed & sealed by the applicant company’s representative and legalized by any Iranian Consulate abroad

– Certified copy of the extract from the commercial register is required.

Or a notarized copy of the Commercial extract

– Certified copy of priority documents (if claimed).

• Please note that certified color copy of the applicant’s passport will be required for filing a trademark in the name an individual.

Trademark Application (required Information)

* Name of Applicant
* Address of Applicant
* Legal Type of company
* Registration Number of Company;
* Sample of trademark in JPG 6 * 6 cm
* Please indicate the color that should be claimed

• Note: If black & white, device in JPG format, must be in black & white

* Goods and Services with the related Serial Number must be provided approved by the WIPO list.