Trademark assignment in Iran

Any transfer of registered trademark ownership in Iran must be registered with the Registry. The following should be explicitly stated in a written application for registration of transfer:

* Trademark registration number and date in Iran;

* The name and address and nationality of the transferred (new owner) or his legal representative, if any;

* In the case of partial transfer, the expression of the goods and services to which the mark has been transferred.

The principle of the last valid certificate of mark, the mark transfer document signed by the former owner of the mark and the transfer, the legal representative’s documents, if any, and the receipt of payment shall be annexed.

Note 1 – Unless the transfer is registered at the relevant office, the registration authority shall recognize only the person whose mark is registered in his name.

Note 2 – Forced transfer of the mark shall be registered by the heirs in accordance with the provisions of this Article and by presentation of a copy of Mossadegh’s certificate of inheritance shall be registered by specifying the inheritance share.

Needed documents:

* Power of attorney legalized by the Iranian Consulate with certified translation.
* Deed of assignment signed by both parties, legalized by the Iranian Consulate with official Persian translation.
* Original registration certificate or renewal certificate.