Patent Recordal of Changes in Iran

The patent owner in Iran is required to notify in writing any changes regarding the name, address, nationality, residence or grant of a patent or transfer or infringement of the registered patent in writing and together with the relevant documents for registration in the Registry. These changes will be implemented in accordance with the law and this Code.
Note – If there is a change in the international classification of a patented invention, the patent owner may request the patent authority to apply the above changes to the patent certificate.

The request of the patent owner in Iran for changes in the subject matter and designs of the invention must be submitted in writing to the registration authority with the invention number and date. Making such modifications is provided that as a result of these modifications, the information contained in the patent does not exceed the limits stated in the original application.

Needed documents:

* A power of attorney duly certified and legalized up to the Iranian Consulate.

* The Change of Name or Address documents, certified and Legalized by Iranian Consulate.

* Certificate of Registration.