Geographical indication filing in Iran.

Needed information for geographical indication application in Iran:

The geographical indication statement shall contain the following:

A) The name, address, nationality and position of the applicant or his legal representative.

B) The geographical indication requested.

C) The name and legal residence of the person or persons receiving the communications and notifications in Tehran.
The country of origin of the geographical indication and the place of production of the product.

E) Goods to which the geographical indication relates.
And – if the geographical indication contains a word or words other than Farsi, its transcription should also be in Persian at a particular place.

G) Addressing foreign applicants in Tehran.

H) Telephone number and e-mail address, if any.

Note: The names and addresses of the applicants residing abroad must be written in Latin letters in addition to Farsi and must be registered and advertised with the same letters.

Needed documents for filing geographical indication in Iran:

A) A Power of Attorney signed & sealed by the applicant company’s representative and legalized by any Iranian Consulate abroad.

B) The original copy or transcript of the copy of the power of attorney if the lawyer so requests.

C) 10 geographical indication samples in the manner to be used up to a maximum of 10 x 10 cm.

D) Product specifications including the following information:

* Product name and geographical indication requested.

* Product description including raw materials, if necessary and basic physical, chemical, microbiological or taste, odor and (organoleptic) characteristics.

* Specific geographical area of ​​product production.

* Evidence that the product originated in a particular geographical area or that the product was produced in that region.

* Describe the method of obtaining the product as well as information on packaging if packaging is needed to assure quality or to determine the origin of production or to guarantee control in a designated geographical area.

* Details of contact with the geographical area or geographical origin.

* Details of control procedures or inspection structures necessary for the purpose of verifying or maintaining continuous compliance with product specifications.

* Specific way of affixing the product label to the use of the term “geographical indication”, “protected geographical indication”, “registered geographical indication” or its national and traditional specifications synonymous with the products.

E) Confirmation of the authority of the relevant trade unions or related organizations to certify the origin of production and the attribution of the quality, reputation and other characteristics claimed by that geographical origin by the applicant.
And ـ If the country of origin is not a geographical indication of Iran, a copy of a document certifying its registration or legal identification in the country of origin, certified by the issuing authority and certified by the Iranian Consulate, is required with an official translation.