An Iranian patent application filed before the Office of Industrial Property must specify the subject matter that is requested to be filed, set forth in Persian, have a date and signature, and a request, a description of the claim, a summary of the patent description and, if necessary, Includes relevant maps. The registration fee will be borne by the applicant.
In submitting and submitting the application, the following must be observed:

A) The name and other relevant information concerning the applicant, inventor and his legal representative, if any, and the title of the invention shall be included in the application.

B) Where the applicant is not an inventor, the evidence of his legal status shall be furnished with a declaration.

C) The statement in the statement shall be concise and concise and accompanied by a description so that the person skilled in the art is clear and complete and provides at least one practical method of invention. The summary is for the purpose of providing technical information only and cannot be relied upon to interpret the scope of support.

After the patent registration in Iran, the Industrial Property Office of Iran should:

A) publish an advertisement on the patent.

B) issue a patent certificate.

C) File a copy of the patent certificate and submit it to the applicant after receiving the required fee.

D) At the request of the patent holder, make changes to the content and designs of the invention in order to determine the extent of the protection granted, provided that as a result of these changes, the information contained in the patent is limited to the information stated in the original declaration on which the patent is filed; Has not exceeded.

The rights arising from a patent in Iran are as follows:

A) The exploitation of a patent registered in Iran by persons other than the owner of the invention is subject to the consent of its owner. The patent application will be as follows:

* If the invention in Iran is related to the product:

First, manufacture, export and import, supply for sale, sale and use of the product.
Second, storage for the purpose of supply for sale, sale or use of the product.

* If the patent subject matter is processed in Iran:

First, use the process.
Second, the performance of any of the matters set forth in sub paragraph (1) (a) of this Article in respect of goods obtained directly through this process.

B) The Owner may, subject to paragraph (c) of this Article and Article 17, against any person who, without his permission, infringes the rights referred to in paragraph (a) and infringes upon an inventor or performs an action that may lead to Infringe on the right to sue, sue the court.

C) The rights arising from a patent in Iran do not include:
* Exploitation of goods offered by the owner of the invention or with his agreement in the Iranian market.

* The use of patented vehicles on airplanes, land vehicles, or ships of other countries that temporarily or accidentally enter airspace, land borders or waters of the country.

* Operations performed solely for the purposes of patents on patents.

* Exploited by any person who in good faith before the patent application or in cases where the patent has been claimed, has used the invention before the patent application date, or has taken effective and effective measures to prepare for its use in Iran; Is acting.

D) Previous user rights referred to in paragraph (4) (c) of this Article may be exercised only with the company or business or with the part in which the invention was used or the arrangements for its use. Is transfer or assignment.

The followings are required in order to file a Patent application in Iran:

* Full name, address, phone and fax numbers, email address and nationality of the applicant(s), if the applicant(s) is an individual. OR, Full name, address, phone and fax numbers, email address, field of activity, place of registration, number of registration and nationality of the applicant(s), if the applicant(s) is a legal entity,
* Full name, address and nationality of the inventor(s), if different from applicant(s),
Title of the Invention,
One set of the formal drawings relating to the invention (if any).
* A power of attorney signed by the applicant(s) and duly certified and legalized up to the Iranian Consulate,
* A copy of passport of the applicant(s), if the applicant(s) is an individual, or a copy of Company Registration Document of the applicant(s), if the applicant(s) is a legal entity,
* A copy of passport of the inventor(s),
* A certified copy of home application duly legalized up to Iranian Consulate.