Trademark rejection by the Iran Trademark Office

In case of rejection of the trademark registration declaration in Iran, based on paragraphs (a) and (b) of Article 30 and Article 32 of the Law, the registration authority is obliged to notify the applicant in writing of the reasons for rejection.

In terms of the materials mentioned, in some cases the trademark is identified as similar or similar to another trademark and it is rejected that the said trademark has already been registered under another name or its similarity is registered or its similarity in terms of appearance or pronunciation or writing or other features. With another mark that has already been registered or the demand has been recorded enough to mislead ordinary consumers.

The applicant can submit his objection to the rejection of the declaration in two copies within the prescribed period and by paying the registration fee, to the commission subject to Article 170 of this regulation through the registration authority. After registering the objection, the second copy shall be dated and The receipt number will be returned to the protester.

The deadline for protests will be 30 days for people living in Iran and 60 days for people living abroad.