Patent annuity payment in Iran:

Article 16

The validity of a patent in Iran, subject to this Article, shall expire after twenty years from the date of the filing of the patent application. In order to maintain the validity of a patent or patent application, one year after the filing of the patent application and before the commencement of each year, the amount to be determined by the Rules of this Law shall be paid by the applicant to the Industrial Property Office. Delay in payment is allowed up to six months in case of fine payment.

If the annual fee is not paid, the return application or patent certificate will be considered invalid.

The patent registration is valid for 20 years. There are two ways to pay the annuity fee:

* Pay the whole annuity fee for 20 years at the time of registration,
* Pay the annuity fee annually, 2 months before the application date.

There will an additional 6 months after the due date for the applicant to pay the annuity fee with an extra 50% fine.